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Why are you waiting in line?

You are in line, and your friend Jesus says, "I got you".

Jesus waited in the line for you, so you don't have too.

He's provided the way for you. He's given you the option to stay where you’re at or follow Him.


Why are you waiting all day for no fish when I have the power to make you a fisher of men.

Why do you long for water that will make you thirsty again when the water I can provide will never make you thirsty again.

Why are you still in the line?

Why are you letting depression, worry, and anxiety tackle you and beat you up?

Let Him provide the way out.

He got the keys to gett you out of the grave.

Do you not trust Him?

Do you not trust that He rose from the grave? That He got up and defeated death, so you don't have to.

Why are you still drowning yourself in the same cycles?

You have a Father and king that has provided a way out.

No more finding short fixes; it's time to rely on Jesus.

You don't get it and its okay Jesus does!

Your waiting and looking for something that is right in front of you.

Don't be like the Jews who spoke so much about the coming Messiah but couldn't recognize Him in front of them.

Don't miss this moment. Don't let it pass you by. Please, I beg you to not refuse His hand. Take that leap, and I promise you He promises a life more abundant than we can ever create or imagine. Ditch the line and Follow Him!

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