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Rise Beloved

Let us not grow weary.

Let us not lose heart.

Stand up. 

May your week knees grow strength.

May your brittle bones be replenished.

Stand Tall.

Crawl until you can walk.

Walk until you can run.

Christ is near.

He is here.

Shine, Christ is your flashlight in the tunnel.


The enemy thought he could kill you.

The enemy thought he could keep you down.


May your power be regenerated through your posture of surrender.

The world is waiting for the true worshipers to arise and take their place.


The first day. The second day. The third day. Christ proved deaths defeat.

Something about the third day: there was a shift. While death thought it could mock the King of kings and Lord of lords. When death thought it had the final say in your situation. When sin thought it had power over you, our God said otherwise. No need to wallow in guilt and shame when Christ defeated the very thing your fighting.


Let Christ be your model.

And I pray that you'll follow.

DIDE!!! (Rise in Yoruba-Nigerian dialect)


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