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Letter to the American Church

In the climate of our world today, the stench of hopelessness is real right now. 

The enemy is trying to cause division because he knows the power in a unified church. For the world’s sake, we cannot afford to be weak Christians and allow religiosity to keep us complacent. Let's stop chasing after comfort and run to the cross.

We cannot represent the love of Christ to a broken world if we are ignoring their issues. The church should not be silent!!! Why are we acting like we don’t have the answer? Why are we freaking out as if our Father doesn't have the key? As if He doesn’t have the solution for humanity. The love of Christ is sacrificial. Love does not equal comfort. We should be the ones calling out injustices. This is a spiritual battle and leaving it to the world to figure out shows a lot about how we are as the modern “American Church.” Why are we pretending as if the gospel has no power or no use? God is shaping our generation to lead the world.

This matter is so spiritual and we need to be unified as the body of Christ to trust God for an answer. We need to look past the physical. We should not sit in hopelessness that is not the life Christ has called us too. Our minds should be renewed and we should take on the mind of Christ.

My heart goes out to all those who don’t have Christ to run too. We as believers are blessed because we cope a lot better knowing Christ wins the war against evil in the end. The Church needs to be a safe haven. The body of Christ needs to be a safe haven for the broken, for the lost, and the downcast. When the love of the world has rejected people the love of God embraces them. We need to be that light. We should hear testimonies like:

"The world stepped on my toes and crushed me, but Christ came to bring me healing and deliverance. The love that Christ has for me was shown in full display by how the church loved me." 

As the body of Christ, we are all family no matter what race or ethnicity we are. The body of Christ does not see race/ethnicity, sex, social-economic status as a reason to divide, but as a reason to unite! And when a brother or sister is hurting/grieving we do whatever it takes to get them out of that because we are family. We take care of one another. We take on each other's burden and we love hard!  Even if it’s as small as simply speaking up. For the sake and growth of the body of Christ, we need to be confrontational. Confronting the things that make us uncomfortable. There is a lot of silence and not a lot of conversations. In a healthy relationship, you cannot avoid what’s on your own heart. We should not be afraid to step on toes. There should be a direct correlation between our relationship with God and how it connects with our relationship with others. We should be drawing closer to Christ and evidence of that is our love for one another. The way we love should be radical not just those in the church but also those outside the church as well. 

Thankful that I serve a God that is good. Far from evil. Love that extends farther than I can ever know or understand. The story is not over because God is on the throne. Christ wins in the end. God is doing things behind the scenes. I see revival breaking out. Reformation of the churches. Encounters and visitations are happening as we speak. The darkness will not mass the light. The light will always shine through no matter how long it takes. Let us be greatly encouraged and walk in the confidence and love of Christ. Grace and peace to you all my fellow brothers and sisters. :)


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