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Ending this year 2021...

Ending this year, thankful!

Ending this year, thankful for the love of God.

Ending this year, thankful for the grace and mercy of the Lord over my life.

He is so good even when we are not. He makes no mistake and is perfect in all of His ways. In these last couple of days, I’ve experienced how loved I am by my Father in a new way. I’ve been in deep reflection on the goodness of the Lord in my life. He’s protected me from so much. I’m such a mess, but He cleans me up nicely.

I’ve been in the faith for a minute now, and sometimes you can take for granted the love of God. For example, I hear the phrase, “God loves you, but for some reason, it never hits like it should but honestly, whether or not if I experience it or not, His love has always been there. It never left or went away.

I struggle with understanding why God loves someone so unfaithful to Him. I struggle to fathom why God would favor someone who has willingly chosen to sin instead of righteousness, yet He has loved me so much. I love the saying “it’s His kindness that draws me to repentance” because the heart of God is so pure, so loving. His heart makes you want to give everything to Him. Knowing His love for you makes you want to desire a life of holiness and submission to Him. No one has ever loved me the way God has loved me. No one can top His unconditional love for me.

I struggle with this concept so much because it goes against how I grew up to know love. I felt loved by my parents when I performed well in school and did things that made them proud. Yet, I subconsciously believed that love is given only when perfect. And it caused me to beat myself up and not hold on to the love and grace that the Lord has freely given me.

He’s loved me beyond my shortcomings. Who can find a love like this? A God like this? So good, righteous, holy, loving, and caring.

Thank you, daddy!

You’ve come to love those unloved spaces. I thank you that your love is healing. Thank you for your love towards those abandoned, neglected, abused; your love is sustaining. Your love covers us. Your love is enough. Your love is satisfying. Your love gives us joy; it restores us and makes us whole.

I thank you, God, that I can talk to you about anything, and I don’t have to fear coming to you; you have made yourself available to your daughter. You listen to me. You take time to be attentive to me, God; I thank you, God, that your with me forever and I am never alone. I thank you that I have the privilege of being your baby girl.

Thank you, daddy; I love you. Thank you for loving me so.


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