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Easter Meaning

Every year on Easter there is this temptation to approach this holiday the same way. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself becoming desensitized to the significance of this day.

As if I have come to some, arrival point in my faith that His sacrifice is irrelevant—but it’s not. It still works. His sacrifice still counts. His blood still covers. His blood is still healing and reversing the curse of sin and death. His blood is freeing people right now from the chains that they put themselves in. He is giving life to dead bodies.

For some of us, the reality of Jesus resurrecting doesn’t hit home because we don’t see our sin as bad or worth punishment. We have become so comfortable with sin and uncomfortable with Jesus questioning our hearts.

Check your heart and ask God to reveal to you the weight of your sin. Ask Him what He went through on that cross to free you. It was too heavy. This is what God is teaching me currently. In a place of humility, look to what He did. God humbled himself for you and I.

Response: So I humble myself by His spirit so greater truths can be revealed to me and I can worship and thank Him the way He deserves.


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