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A Call to go Deeper

A Call to go Deeper- (I wrote this in the middle of 2020 and somehow forgot to post it, but the word of God rings true even till today!!! I pray it blesses you :)

To be rooted, planted in Christ, and grounded on sturdy soil. These are some of the words/phrases that come to mind when asked what it means to go deeper in Christ. I know that going deeper in this season is needed but what’s holding me back? Oh, that’s right, my old friend comfort, can’t let her go we’ve been ride or die since childhood. Letting her go is like losing a piece of me.

Yet, I keep hearing God whisper to me, “ I am doing a new thing,” and

I reply, “ but don’t you know who I am, God?”

He tells me,

“It’s time to let go of familiar routes that will lead to famine. It will produce a stagnant drought in you. Be filled with the everlasting spring that has come to reshape you from the inside out.”

God has convicted me of this since the beginning of 2020. Even before Covid started, I knew that this year(2020) would be completely different. The last week of 2019, I had the worst breakup of my life—a dramatic end to a four-year relationship. And magically, this year came. And I got so sick that I was choking on my saliva and lost my voice. I was struggling to pay attention in school because I was ultimately mentally and physically drained. I remember coughing up a storm in lecture so much that tears would fall down my eyes. And I would continuously rush out of the classroom because I was disturbing my classmates. We had our finals, and by God’s grace, he granted me a little strength to study, and I passed. God has been shaking me out of my comfort zone like a severe blizzard storm. It has not been easy, as I continue to wrestle with this new friend called discomfort. She pushes me to purpose and doesn’t let me slack off and sleep off my problems. She won’t let me be caught slipping.

In this uncomfortable situation/season, I pray that it draws us near God and not away, for He is our rock forever. Let us turn to Him. He is there to mold us and refine us. He picks us up, dusts us off, and makes us new. The call to go deeper is not an easy one. It requires letting our guard down for the sake of letting Christ in. We don’t have to put a wall around our heart because our heart is safe with Him. Let us grow in intimacy with the Father. Let's put aside our pride so that we can see Him moving in our lives.

May He become more significant in our lives in every single way.

I want to fall in love with God all over again.

I want to continue to be moved by His love.

A new me is found when I go deep.

A new me is found when I stretch my hand to the one who has been waiting before I was born to catch me.

Self-preservation has led me to waste away. I didn’t know me until Christ found me like the woman in the well. Deep in sin, and there He was. The smile of Christ redeemed me. It set me free from all my wrong. His smile so genuine like the sun lifted my shame. I felt shame fall off me, and I began to dance and sing in freedom.

We are called to go deep. In a time like this when our world groans ring louder than a mother groaning during childbirth. It's not the time to be entertaining lies. We must put on the new identity that Christ has given us for the sake of humanity. For the sake of our brothers and sisters around the world.

Believers may we be aware of the urgency of being awake and not only being mere hearers of the word but doers and suffering for the gospel. To go deep, we have to let go of what we think we have control over.


Open your heart to the Lord. To go deep, you have to let go of all comforts on earth. Trading earthly comforts for heavenly comfort that is eternal and lasting. Going deeper requires removing ourselves out of the equation.

When we go deeper, we began to see a shift in our heart’s desires. Things associated with the flesh are no longer desirable, but instead, we crave for the Lord more than anything.

Going deeper with God requires being vulnerable and open and saying, God, I can’t do this, but you can. It requires “HEAVY” reliance on God and His power.

It’s a lifelong commitment to SURRENDER.

I pray for us all believers far and wide. The time to go deep is now. LET’S JUMP!!


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