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Words. Incomplete and Complete thoughts. Wisdom

Sharing what God shares with me. Even if it's just a word.

Why are you stressing if it's what God told you to do?

I've found so much joy in the patience of God over me.

My call is too great to just keep willingly sinning.               - uncontainedjoy

There's nothing impressive about man, even someone with the spirit of God in them because anything to be impressed about is God and His expression in humanity 

Thank you Jesus even when I may have felt defeated. You gave me a reason to raise my head up once more..
- uncontainedjoy

Everything I experience is bigger than me. I have to remember that to stay sane.     - uncontainedjoy

Even if you don't know what the space is for be faithful in providing the space. - Uncontainedjoy 

God, I thank you that you are the perfectionist and I don't have to be. You specialize in the details so well.
- uncontainedjoy

I don't believe God has called us to be predictable people.     -uncontainedjoy

I'm always going to be all right because I'm His daughter.   - uncontainedjoy

I only get there by trusting His voice

Life Notes

Fern leaf

God, draws us to dependence. Our flesh desires to be self-reliant independent of the need of God. a war is going on. Who's our master?
- uncontainedjoy

No one can compete with the Lord's love for you.- uncontainedjoy 

Although I'm a full-grown adult, I feel like a child at heart as I gaze at the beauty of my father all around me. So much to see, so much to learn and grow in. His wisdom is so vast. His discipline is refining. Thankful to be under His covering. Under my dad's protection. - uncontainedjoy

Fern leaf

If your not content here, your not going to be content there. -Uncontainedjoy

Stop rushing what I’m trying to perfect.

My route is where the fruit you are trying to grow will be more prosperous.-uncontainedjoy

If your confidence comes from your parents, your partner, your friends, or people in general that is a shaky foundation. But if it comes from Jesus you have secured confidence in full. - uncontainedjoy

Doors open every time I trust the Lord with my vulnerability.                 -uncontainedjoy

The enemy is not your friend. Do you not know how many times he's tried to kill you? -uncontainedjoy

Stormy Skies Over a Lake

My confidence is not found in my skill set, in what I can do for people, in my academics, in what people say of me. I've been validated by God long ago. Only His opinion of me matters. I walk in the confidence of my father. Whom shall I fear? Who can make me stutter, trip or fall? Have you met my Father? Do you know who my Father Is? - uncontainedjoy

My reality of who Jesus is needs to constantly be shaken. I will never get used to Him. I am not done learning about Him. - uncontainedjoy

Water Shrine Landscape

Perfectionism puts a barrier to intimacy. How can you connect when you have nothing to relate to? Struggles don't exist in a perfect world. -uncontainedjoy

The enemy is a bully. He can't do anything to you but deceive you into believing you don't have any power. He sees the greatness in you that's why he's targeting you so much because you intimidate him. - uncontainedjoy

How powerful is the prayer from the one who's been wronged, hurt, abused, neglected?- uncontainedjoy

Your identity is not in your sexuality. There's more to you than hormones.-uncontainedjoy

I’m not even wise enough to know the most intimate details of tomorrow if I’m even promised tomorrow.-uncontainedjoy 

God can not get better, If He is already the best. -Uncontainedjoy

Prayer is like a sweepstake. you never know what can happen if you keep praying. - uncontainedjoy

You become wiser after adversity. It takes your mind to places it's never been before. - uncontainedjoy

Beautiful Landscape

To be wise is to know that God is smarter than you.  Never forget that. - Uncontainedjoy

You don't have as much control as you think. Your task is just to do to abide to yield. - uncontainedjoy

When I am horny, are my eyes still on Jesus  (outside marriage)- uncontainedjoy

There’s no one good. Jesus didn’t die for no reason.

I wonder what a vacation site Heaven would be. If we think there is so much on earth to discover we are imagining  to little. God was like earth was slight work. Heaven is the real deal. - uncontainedjoy

Sinning against God will never be worth it- uncontainedjoy

It’s a dangerous space to be to be dependent on the affirmation of a human.- uncontainedjoy

Don't despise your weakness, for God is working it out. - Uncontainedjoy

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